Regulatory Affairs
for the Food Industrywith Scientific Expertise 

I like food!

This not only means that I know how to enjoy good food, but also that the quality and safety of the food is important to me.

Do you have an idea for a new product, maybe you are already in the development process or would you like to expand your existing portfolio ? Do you come across questions about the marketability of these foods, the appropriate selection of ingredients, the choice of a proper food category and thus also the correct labeling? With my expertise as a food chemist, I can support you in both the scientific-technical and regulatory areas. My services range from advice on specific questions and the preparation of expert opinions to the support in applications with the preparation of dossiers.

Talk to me (Get in touch with me?)! I would be happy to support you on your way to safe and enjoyable food.

Dr. Marion Gebhart

State certified food chemist (Germany)

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My Services

Tailor made services

Die Einzigartigkeit Ihrer Projekte und Ziele erfordert flexible Lösungen.

Sprechen Sie mich daher unverbindlich an und erzählen mir von Ihrem Anliegen. Auf Basis einer Skizze über die weiteren Schritte erstelle ich Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot über meine Leistungen in Beratung und Begutachtung.

The unique character of your projects and goals needs flexible solutions.

Talk to me without obligation and tell me about your concern. On the basis of a sketch of the further steps, I will make you an individual offer about my supporting services in advice and assessment.